Our Mission

3D Health Solutions specializes in providing on-site therapeutic services for the management of musculoskeletal injuries. We pride ourselves on keeping your team safe, healthy and happy in the workplace. By providing our services right on site, we are able to provide the highest level of accessibility.

Our Approach

Our model is a patient-centered, multimodal, evidence-based model of care built on 4 pillars:

  • Injury Prevention

  • Eliminating Pain

  • Accelerating Recovery

  • Improving Performance

Build a custom suite of services for your team from our clinical services and product including: 

  • Therapeutic services - chiropractic, physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, laser therapy

  • Therapeutic products - custom orthotics, braces, compression, supplements and more

  • Modified duty recommendations and return to work strategies

  • Physical Demands Analysis (PDAs), Ergonomic Assessments and Physical Demands Testing

  • Educational content: safe lift training, job relevant stretches/exercises, workshops, seminars, & much more 

  • Injury prevention strategies to reduce injury rates in the workplace.

  • Accelerated recovery timetables reduce time lost to injuries (both occupational and non-occupational).

  • Unique return to work strategies, specific to your team and the demands of their roles, based on first hand knowledge gained while providing care on-site.

  • Access to timely assessment and treatment improves recovery outcomes, and reduces the need for employees to go off-site or to the hospital when injuries occur or for scheduled appointments/treatment.

  • Convenient access to care is a value add for employees, assisting in retention and recruitment.

  • Communication between our therapy team and key individuals in the workplace ensures a clear and consistent strategy for injury recovery.

  • Direct billing to third party insurance or the patient means that many of our services come at little to no cost to your company.