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Reduce Your WSIB Claims

Turnkey systems help you prevent workplace injuries, reducing your WSIB claims, and quickly and efficiently navigate the claim when injuries do occur, saving you time, money and energy  


Promote Your Team's Physical and Mental Health

Offering on-site therapeutic services send a clear message to your employees. It tells your team, in no uncertain terms, that you care about their well-being.

Building a corporate culture of health & wellness leads to increased employee satisfaction, morale, and productivity.

On-Site Corporate Care Programs

Whether you are looking to create a culture of corporate health & wellness, or support your employees during the post-injury return-to-work process, on-site corporate care programs offer several advantages over traditional external care models including:

  • Fast and easy access to the care your employees need

  • Therapists who understand the unique demands of your workplace

  • Strong communication with your therapy team

  • Accelerated return-to-work process

  • Recruitment & retention value

Corporate Therapeutic Services

Minimize the impact of injury in your workplace, and build a culture of health & wellness, by providing the therapy your team needs via 3D Health Solutions' on-site, virtual and telehealth therapeutic platforms.

Create a custom suite of services to support your team's unique needs with services including:

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Your employees are your most valuable resource. Theirs is their health. Schedule your free discovery session today to find out how our on-site services can help you get more out of both.

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Client Testimonials

“Dr. Dwayne Dunnill and his team at 3D Health Solutions are available to provide onsite and virtual chiropractic and wellness services for businesses. Dwayne is incredibly easy to talk to and his ultimate goal is to help you and your employees to achieve their best physical and mental health. Whether it's to prevent injuries or to work on injury recovery, you can count on the team from 3D Health to help maintain employee wellness!”

Valerie L.

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