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Dr. Dwayne Dunnill


Dr. Dunnill completed an honours bachelor of science in kinesiology at the University of Waterloo before attending the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and graduating as a doctor of chiropractic in 2009.


In 2012, he launched 3D Health Solutions, specializing in on-site therapeutic solutions for neuromusculoskeletal injuries. Therapeutic services include joint manipulation, soft tissue therapy, cold laser therapy, rehabilitative & mobility exercises, orthotic & compression therapy, elastic therapeutic taping, and more.

Dr. Dwayne Dunnill chiropractor

In the same year, Dr. Dunnill was introduced to CrossFit. Already having a passion for movement, motor control and mobility, he recognized the need for therapeutic services to address these variables in CrossFit athletes. Utilizing his experience working with various athletic populations, he developed a consultant chiropractic model of care, providing on-site care for CrossFit athletes in the boxes where they trained. Most recently, he has brought this model of care to develop a corporate health & wellness program for employees, including on-site care at Gordon Food Service in Milton, Ontario. 


3D Health Solutions currently provides consultant therapeutic services at CrossFit Connection in Burlington, and CrossFit Streets in Mississauga. 3D Health Solutions has also been pleased to provide therapeutic services for the athletes at events including the Canada East Regionals, Reebok UGSeries, Element Ontario Open, CompWOD Tag Team, Girls Gone Rx, as well as numerous local events. In July 2015, Dr. Dunnill volunteered his services as medical practitioner for the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games.


Dr. Dunnill lives in Milton with his wife and 8 year old son. He enjoys strength training, camping and hiking with his family. He is a lifelong learner, and an avid student of human movement.  

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