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On-Site Chiropractic Care

Accessible on-site chiropractic care for the causes and symptoms of workplace injury. Keep your employees healthy, happy, and productive by scheduling a consultation today.

Corporate On-Site Chiropractic Services

Minimize the impact of injury in your workplace by opting for 3D Health Solutions' chiropractic care services.

We offer non-invasive manual therapy that can help with relieving pain, and restoring function to your joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. In addition to chiropractic adjustment, chiropractors use a combination of treatment techniques to address the individual needs of employees. Chiropractic care can help with:

  • Back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Headaches

  • Whiplash

  • Sprains and strains

  • Repetitive strain injuries (RSI)

  • Work and sports injuries

  • Limited range of motion in the back, shoulder, neck, or limbs

  • General health and well-being

Promoting the Physical and Mental Well-Being of Your Employees

On-site chiropractic services can help employers by providing employees with convenient access to care.

Improved wellness can lead to increased employee satisfaction, morale, and productivity, and may help to reduce healthcare costs for employers by preventing the need for more costly medical treatments.

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What to Expect at Your On-Site Chiro Appointment

After completing a comprehensive health history & physical assessment, and diagnosing your area of concern, our chiropractor will recommend a course of treatment customized to meet your needs. Our chiropractors are also trained to recommend rehabilitation and injury prevention strategies.


3D Health Solutions' holistic integrated approach focuses on employee wellness from a holistic perspective.


Employee Assessment

We assess your workplace environment to enhance function, ergonomics, and safety procedures to reduce the risk of injury.


Physical Demands Analysis

When an injury is related to daily workplace operations, we aim to understand the specific physical demands of each position. In doing so, we can work together to reduce the risk of injuries caused by poor biomechanics.


Physical Preparedness Programs

When an injury is related to workplace equipment, we aim to make improvements in the functions, ergonomics, and relevant safety protocols to minimize the likelihood of injury.


The safety and well-being of your employees is our top priority. It's our focus to make sure that employees suffering from workplace injuries receive the proper treatment and care they need to recover.


Schedule Your Free Discovery Session

Your employees are your most valuable resource. Theirs is their health. Schedule your free discovery session today to find out how our on-site services can help you get more out of both.

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Client Testimonials

“Dr. Dwayne Dunnill and his team at 3D Health Solutions are available to provide onsite and virtual chiropractic and wellness services for businesses. Dwayne is incredibly easy to talk to and his ultimate goal is to help you and your employees to achieve their best physical and mental health. Whether it's to prevent injuries or to work on injury recovery, you can count on the team from 3D Health to help maintain employee wellness!”

Valerie L.

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