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Work with a Performance Psychology Consultant to develop the strength of your mind.

Regardless of whether you are looking to improve athletic performance, achieve weight

loss or exercise goals, recover better from injury, or improve in other performance areas

of your life, we can help you bridge the gap between where you are, and where you want

to be.

Initial Sessions typically last 30-40 minutes, while subsequent visits last 45 mins. The frequency of sessions depends on the urgency of the individual's concern (or closeness of an upcoming competition), but roughly occur somewhere between a weekly-monthly basis.

Mental Performance Coaching

The role of the mental performance coach is to assess the needs of each individual, and develop a plan with them to achieve their goals. The aim is to help individuals realize their potential and reach their performance goals. In a 1 on 1 setting, this process is accomplished through skillful counselling and coaching skills, combined with performance psychology knowledge.

Initial sessions can involve questionnaire like assessments to help the MPC paint a picture of each individual. The clearer and more complete the picture, the easier it becomes to the develop solutions. Each session after the initial focuses on implementing strategies and developing skills to "create the picture" the individual desires. 


Although performance coaching may seem geared towards sports and athletics, it is highly relatable to non-athletes. This includes people looking for improvements in work performance, enhanced quality of life, or simply developing better life skills. Everyone can benefit significantly from developing the mental skills necessary to perform to his/her potential.


Some common areas that a mental performance coach can help with include:

time management, stress management, emotional control, confidence building, self-talk, communication strategies, self-awareness, improving focus, maintaining motivation, goal setting, learning to let go of thoughts, distraction control, performance planning and many others 

What can I expect at an initial visit?
Who can benefit from seeing an MPC?
What are some common areas that an MPC might address?
Sport Performance Coaching

Sport Performance Coaching lends much of its approach to skillful counselling and coaching practices, in combination with a deep knowledge and understanding of sport psychology principles. 


Sport performance coaching can help you learn and develop the mental skills required to master your performance. Having the ability to perform a certain skill in a certain sport--for example, a back handspring in gymnastics--is one thing. Being able to perform that same skill in a high-pressure, competitive environment is something totally different. You can ask any top-level coach in any sport, what separates the great athletes from the good ones is not talent or skill, but the ability to focus and be confident under pressure--when it counts.



Initial sessions involve an in-person assessment of mental skills conducted by the performance coach. Upon obtaining results, the performance coach will help the athlete develop a mental training plan to address the areas that need improvement, similar to a strength and conditioning plan


Some of the areas that a sport performance coach can help you improve include: performance anxiety, improving in-game focus, competition preparation and planning, improving consistency, building solid confidence, visualization, learning to relax under pressure and stress, dealing with distractions, emotional control, and many others


Sport Performance Coaching is NOT just for athletes who are struggling or have specific problems. Certainly those individuals can benefit from this service, but performance coaching is about improvement from where you are, to where you want to be. So whether you're at the bottom or the top of your performance, you can reap the benefits of training your mind through sport performance coaching.

What can I expect at an initial visit?
What are some common areas that an SPC might address?
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