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Locking Out Overhead

Your 3 Step Overhead Fix

Many of us have trouble with overhead movements. We press-out movements like the snatch, instead of catching in a locked-out position, and have difficulty maintaining a lockout in movements like the overhead squat.

The bad news . . .

Upper Crossed Syndrome

Frequently we struggle with this because of our forward, rounded shoulder posture.

Forward rounded shoulders is part of a larger postural problem, upper crossed postural syndrome, and is incredibly common. Our posture is the culmination of a lifetime of activity. Time spent sitting in a forward rounded position (using your computer or smart phone, driving your car etc.) leads to postural issues and will compromise overhead mobility.

Go look at yourself in a full length mirror. Stand relaxed with your arms at your sides. Look at your hands. How many knuckles can you see?

If you can see your ring, or maybe even your pinky finger, you have rounded shoulders.

But there is good news . . .

It’s 100% fixable.

Where to start:

The Brettzel
  1. Improve Your Thoracic Mobility

  • Work on your thoracic (upper back) extension and rotation a little bit everyday using thoracic extensions over your foam roller and stretches that target movement patterns such as The Brettzel (pictured right).

  1. Smash Your Internal Rotators

  • Smash your pecs and lats with your favourite mobility tool. I recommend a lacrosse ball for your pecs and a foam roller for your lats.

  1. Strengthen Your External Rotators

Visit us at or one of our clinic locations to learn more about fixing your overhead position.

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