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17.1 - Biomechanics 101

Many of us don’t use dumbbells on a daily basis in our WODs. So how will DB Snatches differ from barbell snatches in this WOD? I am sure we all realize dumbbell movements are harder than their barbell counterparts. With that in mind, here are three ways to fix your positioning to make your dumbbell lifts easier:

Keep your dumbbells close to your midline

Focus on keeping the dumbbell close to your midline as you pull and try to catch the DB overhead with your arm stacked next to your head. Letting the DB drift away from your midline creates a longer lever arm, which requires more effort from your muscles, making the lift more challenging.

Drop your shoulders

Practice catching the dumbbell with your scapula (shoulder blades) down and back. This position creates a more stable platform for your shoulder making the movement more efficient.

Warm up with scapular pull-ups or banded reverse overhead squats to lock in the feel of this position before the WOD.

Externally rotate your arms when you are overhead

As you lift the dumbbell overhead, turn your hand so your thumb points behind you. This position helps create tension around the glenohumeral (shoulder) joint and thus increases stability. A more stable joint position requires less muscle activity to maintain, meaning less fatigue as you progress through the DB snatches.

Bonus Tip: Catch the dumbbell locked out overhead

Even a small press out can quickly fatigue your shoulder. Dipping a little deeper and catching in a locked out position will place less stress on your shoulder throughout the WOD.

Good luck everyone!

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